fishing charter types

  • Payao Fishing / Deep Sea Fishing
    Payao fishing charters are the most popular and are fun for all groups. Usually consists of drift fishing around "fishing aggregatting devices" known as FADS or "Payao's" in Japan. Typical fish species include: Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Rainbow Runners, Bonita and sometimes a Marlin. Fishing depths can range from surface fishing down to a couple hundred meters below.
  • Inshore Drift Fishing
    Very popular fishing techinique with the local Okinawans, Drift fishing is usally done between 30~130 meters. A 2 or 3 hook sabiki style can be used. Target species: Grouper, Long Face Emporer, GT, Gara, Yaki, Umunaga, Mackeral and Coral Trout to name a few.
  • Deep Drop Fishing
    Fishing starts at 100 and can go down to 400 meters. Electric reels are a favorite choice of anglers for this type of fishing, but conventionals can be used as well. Target fish species: Amberjack,Dogtooth Tuna, Queen Snapper and Taiwan Snapperar are a few that we can target.
  • Trolling for Big Game
    This is strictly for big game fish. Trips are one or the other. When you land a fish it is typically large or you may not catch a single fish. Target fish: Large Tuna, Oversized Mahi Mahi, Blue Marlin, Swordfish, and Wahoo to list a few.